Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ten Games More

Habs Ratings: Ours and Theirs

Ten games more pass us by. Number 21 against top opposition this evening. A little review of the past set of games to see what happened and who was responsible.

Who were the best players over the last ten games?

Looking back at the game reports gives some interesting answers. Short-term memory it seems is a fleeting quality...

Our top team over 10 games (Season dome)

Forward 1: Andrei Kostitsyn
6 dome games and 3 game pucks mark a resurgence for Andrei Kostitsyn. His production hasn't always been reflected on the scoresheet, but he has been dynamic and cretive even in our losses over the stretch.

Forward 2: Saku Koivu
5 dome appearances and two game pucks. Saku continues where he left off in the last ten games, only this stretch is marked because his once illustrious linemates have tailed off completely.

Forward 3: Sergei Kostitsyn
4 domes. Despite being thrown around the lineup card like a rag doll, he has been a consistent (with maybe one game in exception) as a player who turns up, thinks and performs. It must be said that he would not be here if Tanguay, Kovalev and Lang had matched their first 10 game performances.

Honourable mentions (forwards): Lang and Higgins – 2 domes for Lang in the last 5 with a good points streak, and 3 domes for Higgins with that one amazing game and a great effort in Game 20.

Defenceman 1: Josh Gorges
6 domes and a game puck. Has stepped up nicely to the plate. His first goal last game and tendency to be reliable on off games makes him number one choice here.

Defenceman 2: Andrei Markov
Also 6 domes and a game puck. He continues to carry the offensive load from the backline while being the most stalwart defender every other game as well. Fully deserving of every all-star vote, computer-generated or not.

Honourable mention (defenceman): Hamrlik – our other defender, mopping up 5 of the remaining 8 dome slots for D.

Goaltender: Carey Price
7 domes in 9 starts. Ignoring the 2 games he blew up, he has been good over the past 10. Only games like those to remind us he has yet to play a full NHL season.

Honourable mention (goalie): Halak – converting starts for domes at 300%, he would only have needed to be given one more opportunity to be the number one here..

En Route Pour La Coupe Power Rankings

Not updated yet. Will post when they are.

Three star selectors

Despite being erratic and unreliable, their conclusions (when averaged) don't lie. That's what I said last time. This time, I think the games must have been longer and the selectors given more chance to down a few extra martinis. These 3 star averages look absolutely ridiculous in hindsight – I suppose that's the trouble with the Habs giving us such a small sample size these past ten games...

Based on 5 points for first star, 3 for second and 1 for third. here's their dome:

Forward 1: Chris Higgins (2, 0, 0)
Forward 2: Robert Lang (0, 1, 0)
Forward 3: Maxim Lapierre(0, 1, 0)

Defenceman 1: Josh Gorges (0, 0, 1)
Defenceman 2: No other defencemen selected

Goaltender: Carey Price (0, 1, 1)

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