Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Good One

I never give Leafs fans enough credit. They are funny dudes.

Apparently, the ceremony they thought we should have been watching last Saturday was in the ACC. So hurt by Patrick Roy's withdrawal from that Detroit game (and the manner if happened) he has decided Wendel to be more worthy – well more or less.

Habs fans can have a good chuckle.

After all:
If there was ever a guy who played hockey "the right way," it was Clark. It's probably the ultimate sports cliche, but Wendel left everything out on the ice, every single time he stepped on it.

He did leave everything on the ice most times – including more often than not, the points awarded for wins.

Clearly I am a bit harsh on our Leafs friend, but what can a Habs fan do when provoked so?

Not 30 seconds after posting, Down Goes Brown point me to this related piece of fantasy.

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