Thursday, November 20, 2008

In The Federation

Lions In Winter News

Some of you will have noticed some aesthetic changes to the site over the past couple of days. The changes come because Lions In Winter has been drafted into a Federation of blogs with representation from all Canadian major sport franchises (and one CIS football site).

In terms of benefits, this means more exposure for Tobalev, myself and our views and a new and natural source of rivalry across different blogs. I can assure you, our loyal readers, that Lions In Winter signed into a federation the early leaders of Quebec would be proud of. Our autonomy, aside from the aforementioned banners and an editorial code (that is no stricter than our own guidelines), is 100% maintained. Editorial decisions will be ours. Views will be ours. And, unfortunately, control of the look and feel of the site (though I am learning) will still be ours too.

We've also moved to a new URL (, but as you know having accessed the site, the old URL ( is still functional and redirects you to the new one. So update your bookmarks, readers if you want. But for now, you can go on using the old address as well.

In the spirit of federation, I encourage you all to go and visit the other blogs in the Federation form time to time. First up can be Sens Chirp ahead of tonight's game. For subsequent games (and any time you feel like it) you can find a list of blogs in the Score Sports Federation bar at the top of the page.

Tobalev and I look at this as a good opportunity for the blog.

It's also an opportunity for you the readers (who we think are some of the most knowledgeable ad articulate around) to expand the tentacles of Canadiens fandom beyond the borders of Quebec – Rupert's Land beckons...

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