Thursday, November 06, 2008

Team Building

Koivu Wants Contract: Give Him A Contract

RDS reports that Koivu is warm to the idea that he could play his whole career in one uniform like Daniel Alfredsson should now.

I say sign him up.

Players like Koivu are rare and cannot be obtained easily in this league. He is a leader, a consummate professional and an excellent forward to boot. His ability to elevate his play come big games is well documented and completely invaluable to this team. If he would like to stay – he should.

To borrow from last season, I direct you to "Why We Value Koivu" as my justification for committing finances to an aging, diminutive centre. In brief, these were my 10 points in support of our captain:
1) He gives effort every night
2) He is very strong in possession
3) He thrives in every role he is given
4) He can make every winger on this team a better player
5) He has incredible endurance
6) When he has a "bad" season he is far from bad
7) He represents the kind of player we would like our youngsters to develop into
8) He has seen how far this team has come
9) He thrives in pressure games
10) He desperately wants to help Montreal to the same success as Finland

That's my case Mr. Gainey. I hope you consider it.

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