Monday, November 10, 2008

Controversial Choice

Price Facing Gretzky 12 Days Away From Patrick's Return

I'm not sure which marketing guru chose to do it, but the Canadiens homepage has replaced the picture of Kovalev in a game from the original 6 with a picture of Carey Price playing in what could only be a game from the 1992-93 season – the evidence is there in Brisebois' bewildered mug (and sweater).

It may not be for me to say, but is replacing Patrick Roy in what is a shot from the last Stanley Cup finals the team reached a good idea?

In light of the ceremony taking place in 12 days, I'd have erred on the side of not doing this one this month. It's a bit of a strange choice given how many photos they could have chosen from.

I mean why not paste Carey's face on Patrick hoisting the Conn Smythe?

Maybe it won't matter, Patrick Roy doesn't have an ego, after all. We all remember that much...

By the way, if they had to do it, couldn't they have at least tried to make it look like Carey would make a save? I mean, Gretzky with Carey guarding the shot to the corner and the gaping net open in the Stanley Cup final?

I know who my money's on there.

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