Friday, November 21, 2008

Mats Scarlet Sundin

There Is Always Room For One More

As we're all into quoting the Pythons and cartoons, I thought a quote for me. Always a favourite to repeat in the forced British accent, and perfectly applicable for the latest Mats Sundin news: "There's always room for one more!"

According to reports of questionable reliability (given that Gaborik is looking so good in Bleu, Blanc, Rouge), Sundin and Gainey met this week in California.

Any self-respecting GM not lucky enough to ice Crosby and Malkin should be making tracks for Sundin too. Players like the big Swede are rare specimens indeed. The fact that players will have to be moved to make room shouldn't discourage anyone form adding Sundin (including Gainey) – it is hard not to see how he wouldn't upgrade most teams. Besides, a few favours to a bottom feeder in the future might tempt them to take a salary for a few months.

All the way to LA for a coffee?
Probably not. While I don't doubt Gainey is serious about Sundin, LA also happens to be home to said bottom feeders and goalie-less Kings and is close enough to a number of trading partners should salary need to be shed. The speculation has begun. Let's see where it takes us this time...

Another signing idea
Probably a bit late, but wouldn't it have been cool to have signed Patrick Roy for a game? Have him take the ice and make his last moment as a Montreal Canadien a little nicer?

A one game cap hit on league minimum wouldn't hurt, and Roy could flip it right to the Children's hospital.

Probably a bit too left field again for traditionalist management. Still, would be quite an event.

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