Saturday, November 22, 2008

Honouring Roy

Patrick's Triumphant Return

To mixed reviews and polarised sentiment, Patrick Roy's 33 will be raised to the rafters in the Bell Centre. And for the first time, the sweater that should have inaugurated the new building will be donned at ice level there.

In honour of the occasion, I have tracked down a few old articles, more poignant than anything I could come up with now, for you to peruse and enjoy. Because love him or hate him, we will all remember Patrick.

Sports Illustrated: October 13, 1986

"I don't want to be a one-year player. I want to have a long, successful career. And the way to do that is to not forget how you got successful in the first place. I once asked (35-year-old defenseman) Larry Robinson, 'How do you stay excited after all this time? How do you stay interested with all the games and all the travel?' And he said, 'Every game is something new, like the start to a career, so it never gets boring.' "

Sports Illustrated: June 21, 1993

"Always Sandstrom is in my crease, bothering me, hitting at me when I have the puck," Roy (pronounced WAH) said. "When I made the save on Robitaille, Sandstrom hit at me again. So I winked. I wanted to show him I'd be tough. That I was in control."

Roy's retirement: Michael Farber
"Roy was very important in the history of the Canadiens, especially with the premature retirement of Guy Lafleur. There was a small game between French-Canadian icons and the torch was passed to Roy. He was part of that continuity."

New York Times: December 10, 1995
"It's too bad sometimes when you lose a player like that," said Tremblay, who does not regret the decision not to pull Roy from the rout earlier. "The thing is, it is not the organization who asked for the divorce."

A game to make a lagend:

And a retrospective of Denis Brodeur's pics of Roy with the Habs.

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