Friday, June 26, 2009

Covering The Draft From The Comforts Of Home

I think I must be the only Canadiens blogger I know not going to the Bell Centre in person for the draft. That doesn't mean I won't have plenty to say.

Though I'd love to be sipping overpriced Molson/Coors products in the stands, I actually think I'll be handier with the comments from my own living room. For one thing, I won't be forsaking the internet and, for another, I won't have to delete all the characters created by the impression of my forehead as I nod off during the inevitable boredom that is 30 people holding 10 minute discussions over 18 year olds.

If you want the live and authentic touch though (and feel no shame in shunning me, why would you?) then you should check out one of the equally excellent blogs that are:

The Daily Hab-It and Eyes On The Prize

Both Arpon and Robert will be there with full credentials (I hope that means cheaper beer?) and providing updates as the night wears, I mean rolls, on. As usual, if you prefer, you can just peek at the right-hand bar and see what they've updated with, as LIW shows that automatically now anyway...

Defining night

I had written momentous, but that would be making an assumption wouldn't it. One thing I am sure of, however, is that this night will give us a feeling of where this team is going for the next 5 years.

For one thing, we should find out whether Lecavalier will ever be a Montreal Canadien. We'll also find out if Bob Gainey still has the ability to make a good trade like he did way back when for Zubov. We'll discover if the Canadiens feel they need to nab one of the exceptional crop that is the top 8 in this draft class, and we'll find out how important the Habs feel the lack of scoring talent in the system is.

Should be fun.

18 and out

As for myself, I'll be hanging in with the anti-social Friday night TV (so says my wife) until the Canadiens selection at 18 or whenever that may be. Though it would be funny to see who the guaranteed bust of the draft will be (aka Detroit's first rounder), I think it's a diminishing return don't you? After all, I'm sure like the playoffs you'll all want to tune out for a bit once the CH is done and dusted in the first round.

Chalk that up as another plus for not being there in person – no underlying sense of responsibility to pretend to care about what the Flyers, Bruins and Flames might do.

Second round and beyond

I'm not sure anyone will be masochist enough to sit through and live-blog the whole thing, and I'm no exception there. I have compiled a list for interested readers to post when the first round goes to bed of players I've penciled in as Canadiens targets. I'll be posting that after the festivities.

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