Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Who Will They Ask Next?

RDS Quotes PK Peladeau On Gainey's Coaching Choice

Though they have yet to ask anyone whose opinion I care about, the French press are really running the gamut of famous Quebecers to consult.

Yesterday we heard what marginal contributor and salary millstone Georges Laraque thought. We've heard from just about every former coach to have ever laid foot in La Belle Province. Now, running out of "experts" we must hear from a prominent Quebec businessman. Who will they ask next?

What made me want to post was not the fact they asked him, but the tripe they actually decided to post on their website. Here is what Peladeau (allegedly – always alleged nowadays) said via the "first-class" paper Le Quotidien:
«Ça aurait peut-être pu attendre deux semaines pour que l'on puisse, d'un commun accord, prendre une décision»

"It might have been better for him (Gainey) to wait a couple of weeks (before choosing a coach), so that we could come to an agreement on the matter"

Last time I checked M. Peladeau, you weren't a consultant for hockey operations with the Canadiens.

As for RDS, the day they get an interview from a key player on the team or free agent such as Markov, Price, Koivu, Kovalev or Higgins is the day I'll be truly impressed. Until then, I suppose I'll have to put up with mocking their overall lack of effort and professionalism.

I suppose that is one bright side of these media magnates jostling for the Habs – the demise of RDS in its current form. Still, I shudder to think of someone as prone to egomania as this quotes suggests actually bidding for and owning the team...

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