Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Molson Canadiens

It looks like it's a return to status quo. Well status quo for my lifetime anyway - the Molson family will be given the chance to buy out George Gillett as the owner of the Montreal Canadiens.

We will treat the news with some care, as it comes from La Presse via an as yet un-named source. I have a feeling that this time it might be a good one, though.

In other news, people who never stopped calling the Montreal arena the Molson Centre will probably be vindicated soon...

The news report cites the figure for the sale to be in excess of $500 million CAD. The terms of the deal, including ownership of the Bell Centre, the stakes in the team and the Gillett Entertainment Group have not been disclosed. One can only speculate that at that number it would be the whole shebang.

Serge Savard

The report also claims a special role for Serge Savard in this new venture for the Molsons.

You will recall #18 withdrew his money and support from a rival bid when the Molsons (whom he respected to much to go head-to-head with) emerged on the scene. It seems Serge is a slicker politician than we might have thought. The addition is certainly interesting, but adds an extra potential hockey voice. Let's hope we don't become a site for paralysis by analysis with Gainey, Gauthier, Boivin, Savard and Martin all competing for their say.

This should also be good news for Jacques Demers who might be in line for that role he misunderstood to mean coach. Yet to be seen.

PK Peladeau

Count me among those who agree with Mike Boone that Peladeau and Quebecor potentially losing out may be a blessing in the long run. The fact he ever thought he'd have a say about the coach (even as a bidder) was never going to be a good omen.

Phew, indeed.

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