Friday, June 26, 2009

Draft Week

First Round Live Commentary

The Habs take Louis Leblanc. It's a good pick, and the best of the Quebec crop. Playing with Kristo must have helped and it certainly helped me to swallow the option.

RDS in their infinite professionalism still haven't mentioned Kristo as they collectively salivate from the press box.

Poor Louis gets his first taste of the press and does ably.

The Habs aren't any better for next year. I'm not sure we thought we would be. Louis Leblanc won't help us for ages yet and we have a third rounder coming up. Suddenly Koivu and Kovalev looking really good.

As for me, that's a good night for now.

9:34 RDS cameras have gone way over the line and they will be fined I think. At least they are consistent with their usual level of professionalism. RDS is a complete and utter joke.

9:31 Have we all recovered from our last big Quebec pick, Eric Chouinard? I hope so, Boivin's smile tells me we're trying big hometowner again...

9:27 Montreal will now be faced with a Quebec prospect who could have gone earlier. If they eschew the province again, they'll have hell to pay. That's the flip side. They could trade down, I suppose.

Blues take David Rundblad. Not surprising with Kekalainen the reknowned Euro scout at the helm. A good pick. not one for the Habs either.

Now the fans want Leblanc. We await. Even I'd be scared to stand up and take Jeremy Morin now. Perhaps if I pronounced his name with a real Sorel twang?

9:23 Surprised there aren't more cheers. It's better here with beer as predicted, I suppose. Montreal picks survive as offensive Dmen are not on the mind. Nick Leddy is a good pick, but you can see why Minnesota traded down.

9:18 6'2" isn't big everyone. Not anymore. Koivu can knock over a 74-incher no problem. ONe I was hoping we wouldn't pick, now we can't. Two more ahead and all my five survive. Schroeder should go in the next 2.

9:12 Hey at least Jacques Martin can lead a group of scouts, if the coaching thing doesn't work out. Kulikov at 14 is a great pick. Drummondville's turnaround was epic and Dimitri played a large part.

9:10 RDS cameraman crossing the line as he zooms in on Florida scout's screen. Russian names on the list. Someone's brave...

9:07 Gillett need not sell anymore bricks. The rest of the NHL is happily providing them today. Kassian to Buffalo, not as offensively talented as Lucic. Not good news for Buffalo.

8:56 Not a trade I'd have done. Kullkov survives. De Haan not a player I'd have taken at 18 even given the talent that remains.

8:54 Well done rookie GM in Minny. Value right there.

8:51 Montreal salivating for our Russian Quebecker? Trades in the wind...

Nashville took Ellis. Had bright eyes, looked an intelligent one.

8:38 At this point, we're about as expected. Only the amazing Kullkov remains from the players that should have been top ten. Oh that my fingers could all stay crossed and type at the same time.

Edmonton took the player I feared Toronto would get. Thankfully Edmonton is far away and Paajarvi-Svensson shouldn't hurt us too much more than the current Oilers squad did last Feb.

8:29 Meh. Ottawa have had some history of drafting good D, so I'll give them some benefit of the doubt here. But they missed the Swede.

8:18 Montreal will have to get the spin machine going if they're to outdo TO at this point. Brian Burke after all could have had the first overall pick and a local scoring phneomenon, but would not give up a 19-year-old defenceman to do it. Montrealers will be anxious but if teams continue to overlook people as they have been, it'll be a different story come #18 than we thought.

Dallas takes Scott Glennie, Robert's fantasy pick.

8:12 Out of spite, The Toronto Maple Leafs take Nazem Kadri. Ottawa will be pissed when they get Svensson.

8:07 That leaves Toronto with a good few options here. My system says go for the Swede Pajaarvi-Svensson. My hope is that they don't and take a defensive defenceman.

8:05 Now that's a surprise. I think it's a good pick. Ekman Larsson to Phoenix.

7:57 Anyone else notice that the Habs haven't acquired a big centre yet?

LA takes Brayden Schenn. Hooray. Not even overrated. Nor anyone in his family. never have been.

7:45 Rumour from Big D: Kaberle for Niskanen and their first this season. Sounds like a good deal for Toronto. Not so sure for Dallas.

Atlanta toe the line and take 48-goal man Kane. I'd have been happy with this guy. 48 goals don't lie.

7:39 Once Colorado get the last pre-set pick over with, I'll finally have something to say. Duchene looks a good pick now. Will all 3 make it here? Will there be a Pat Falloon? A Patrik Stefan? An Alex Daigle? You get my point. History tells us there might very well be.

And Philly. Ouch. That first in 2010 might be worth a bit by the time the roster is readjusted...

7:28 Tampa keep the script going, take Hedman at #2.

7:26 My mistake not a 2nd, 2 firsts. Blinded by the 2.

7:24 Mirtle has Sbisa, Lupul and a 2nd for Pronger. Haven't decided.

7:19: Islanders don't surprise anyone. Take John Tavares. Wow the hype was good though...

7:15: At least bettman has a sense of irony...

7:10: Dreger says Pronger traded to Philly. Not good news for the Habs. It's good news for Philly who hope to absorb half the league's entire salary load themselves.

6:49: Duchene, come the Island. Trade if you're throwing away your pick. Tavares over Hedman, fine. Duchene over Hedman, welcome to another 15 years of morass.

6:45: Under starter's orders here.

Watching RDS for now. May have to switch if Luc Gelinas keeps prattling on and on about Quebec players. Apparently they're all from the 6th round. Urquart and Lapierre (2nds unrecognised by him), then last year's Fortier in the 3rd.

Never mind the Habs have already signed Dany Masse this year as a free agent. Hush hush, though, the fans might be placated...

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