Monday, July 20, 2009

Toronto Fans Try Valiantly To Break Hex

Support the Maple Leafs?

Wondering why you haven't won a Cup in 42 years?

Some fans seem to have cracked the code. It's the logo stupid.

[Since] the Leafs decided to create special uniforms for the 1967 Stanley Cup Playoffs, to a Maple Leaf similar to what was on the Canadian Flag. They would go on to win the Stanley Cup that season, but wouldn’t ever do so wearing the design for a full season.

The website includes a petition calling for a return to the Leafs sweater that didn't carry a curse.

Down Goes Brown sums it up very succinctly:
The basic argument [behind changing the logo] seems to go like this:

  • The modern version is associated with the Ballard era, the darkest period in Leafs history.
  • The old version has as much (or more) tradition behind it, and was worn for 10 of the Leafs' 11 Cups.
  • Everyone seems to like the alternate jerseys better these days, so why not make them permanent?

DGB goes on to give altogether too sensible argument to the alternate case, which would see the Leafs keeping their current uniforms – mainly so he can keep wearing his Wendel Clark gear to games.

While I do appreciate some good sense in small doses, I think DGB misses the point here: losing streaks are caused by curses not management. Deep down he must know that it was a modern-style Leaf and not trading draft picks for the Calle Johanssons of the world that cost the Leafs in the final hurdle.

Meanwhile a separate group of fans has come up with an equally compelling theory as to Toronto's championship drought:

Playing in the NHL

"I love the Leafs. But, it’s about time they became competitive. Which is why they need to be moved to the AHL."
says Roger Jolie of

In many ways I think the move to the AHL would be easier for the Leafs than changing the uniforms anyway.

Whereas changing the sweaters would cause a massive upheaval for the fans; the current Leafs would barely have to be tweaked to make a go at a Calder Cup thanks to the excellent work of Brian Burke – since they already boast 12 AHL calibre forwards in their starting lineup.

On to Montreal...

Don't forget Habs fans, we're not living in the land of plenty anymore either. Now that we've eliminated the possibility that we weren't winning the Cup because we didn't have Patrice Brisebois on the team, I wonder what other possibilities we have. I put that one to you...

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