Friday, July 10, 2009

Paul Mara: Gainey Raises More Eyebrows

I didn't like adding Hal Gill and I don't like this.

Paul Mara is someone I know better than I'd like, having taken him my pool one too many times. He was OK in Phoemix (Phoenix!?!) about 4 years ago, but since has been a complete washout as an offensive player. Where he used to play big minutes, he has found ways to fall behind all kinds of up-and-comers with Boston and New York.

Bob Gainey asks for a lot of faith when he makes the Gomez trade. He asks for more when he brings in 2 questionable wingers at exorbitant rates to replace our adequate producers up front. He then brings in 2 defencemen that you wouldn't have found as desirable targets on many blogs (though perhaps Spacek was overlooked).

In other words, he's asking an awful lot already.

Does he think the well is bottomless? Does he think we now have the capacity to swallow anything he serves up?

Paul Mara better be cheap, because this gives us a 6th defenceman who does not seem to warrant minutes ahead of the players we're hoping to develop for when Spacek, Gill and Hamrlik are gone. He does not warrant minutes and the season has not yet began!

Never mind that he also plays with fire as he fills another place that might have been occupied by a francophone last season – a season where there were already more than a negligible amount of murmurs about the dearth of hometown talent on the club. Good luck with that Bob.

Only a small percentage of people polled here thought Gainey should have been part of the overhaul. I wonder if the wisdom was with the few.

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