Thursday, July 02, 2009

Quick Reaction To Gainey's Canada Day

I have a big important meeting today at work, so have been preparing (through distraction) and must buckle down - less blogging for 24 hours.

So, all I can offer are my quick thoughts.


Gomez: Good, a new Koivu
Cammalleri: Very good, best scorer we've had since Recchi
Gionta: Not so good, not an upgrade for me

Spacek: Very good, Schneider abilities with some D, hopefully
Gill: Very bad, don't see this one

Salary: Worrying

5-year contracts: A long experiment


Koivu: Very very sad, would have found a way to keep him
Kovalev: Disappointng, but not playing with Koivu was always a question mark
Tanguay: Thought it could work, he was never more than secondary
Kostopoulos: Good, his usefulness was waning and fast
Lang: Good, we've improved in replacing him

Komisarek: Neutral, glad we didn't pay him so much for as long as TO did
Bouillon: Neutral
Dandenault: Good
Brisebois?: Very good, but my stomach tells me he's not gone yet

Overall it's sad to see the old team gutted and gone. There's some hop in the new additions, particularly Cammalleri and Gomez. But adding Gill and Gionta seems out of step to me. Maybe I'll have to watch them again...

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