Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally: A Trainer

Habs Inside/Out tap into the searches of their many loyal readers to discover the unheralded addition of Scott Livingstone's replacement.

It's about time this happened. Though, for all we know this guy might have been hired a month ago.

It's hard to find much to say about the new guy, Lorne Goldenberg. His CV as the HI/O guys point out looks fine. He has NHL experience and Ottawa experience (think the first guys you ever saw interviewed on bikes after a game). The Canadiens are fitter than they were 10 years ago, but as the Livingston redundancy attests to, they are nowhere near the class of the league, perhaps not even top half. So, it will be Lorne's job to make sure the players get and stay fit, learn about and maintain flexibility and, I think, gain some serious endurance.

For the personal trainers among you, here's a look at his programme for younger players (presumably with an aim to gaining the edge to make the NHL one day).

Lapierre and Latendresse are already making the commitment to go and give the programme their full attention in beautiful Ottawa. Latendresse gets full marks for taking his offseason seriously.

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