Saturday, July 04, 2009

Which petition would you sign?

Habs Inside/Out is linking up to two online petitions, one to bring Kovalev back as the captain of the Canadiens, another one to bring back Saku Koivu.

As a staunch supporter of both, albeit for different reasons, I had to think about which one to go with. Koivu as the big-game competitor who never saw any deficit as too big, and Kovalev as the most entertaining and, frankly, talented forward I've ever seen wearing the CH in my lifetime.

Of course, the likelihood is that neither could be brought back without a little wheeling and dealing. If Koivu were back, Plekanec might be traded for picks or prospects. If Kovalev is to be back, the salary allowance has to come from somewhere – it would probably mean trading a newly signed player or Hamrlik.

I am pretty certain that Gainey has made up his mind. I'd also wager that Canadiens management is more likely to be taking draft advice from Pierre Maguire than consulting fan petitions during free agency.

But it's all a bit of fun. Plus we have 12 weeks to fill...

I signed for Saku.

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