Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The New Bag of Pucks

Habs Trade Least Allowable For New Defenceman

The Canadiens have reportedly acquired AHL defenceman TJ Kemp from the Wilkes Barre Penguins. In a league where you can no longer trade for cash or future considerations, a conditional 7th (final) round pick from a team in the top half of the standings is as bottom of the barrel as it can get. This will not ever go down as a trade that Gainey lost, as it is already written into the deal that he can't possibly lose.

As for the player we get in return for our (wink wink) draft pick, Kemp is a decent minor leaguer. His first season in the AHL, he made the all-star game (then again Ryan O'Byrne could do that). Last season he put up 46 points, with 8 goals. And this season, he's slightly less than a point every other game.

He's of a decent size, can skate well enough and is considered an offensive D. I mean, Gainey wouldn't replace Yannick Weber on Hamilton if the Switzerlander wasn't going to suit up in Montreal would he?

I think it's good news for those crowing about Weber since September. He will probably be getting an extended look, and if Carbonneau permits his BFF Brisebois some rest, maybe even some playing time...

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