Monday, January 12, 2009


Want To Know What We Think?

Rumour has it that Vincent Lecavalier could be freed up for trade. Montreal is alleged by Darren Dreger of TSN to be a possible destination.

To be clear, when the rumour first broke, it said this:
"There is a tug of war going on in the Lightning's front office - some want the club to trade him and some don't want him to be traded."

And this:
"There has been steady and consistent dialogue with general manager Bob Gainey and the Montreal Canadiens..."

Not exactly an E5. Well it is actually, because it was taken from TSN, but I digress.

The point is, it has grown from possible will to trade Lecavalier, teamed with Gainey and Lawton talking (we know Gainey never discloses the matter of his conversations, why would Lawton?) to Lecavalier possibly coming to Montreal.

What I think is this:

1) If Lecavalier could be traded, I want Gainey to know what the Canadiens would have to offer. So it would certainly come as no surprise to me that a GM upon hearing Lecavalier (or other Tampa players for that matter) could be traded would at least call to see what was going on.

2) If the asking price is reasonable, I would hope Gainey consider the possibility with an open mind. This is after all his job. Since he doesn't sign players during the season, isn't it a rather big part of his job just now too?

3) If Gainey deems the trade worthwhile to make it happen as soon as possible.

That's all I have to say for now. Of course we all have our favourites we don't want to see traded, but I'll save you that part of my thought process for now. Have a good few days of TSN/RDS bombardment on this...

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