Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weakness Protection Program

Garth Murray Resurfaces

Just prior to the Habs explosion onto the NHL scene last season, they quietly removed one of their big weaknesses: a forward with plenty of ice time but not a shred of nose for the net.

Since that day of infamy, we haven't heard much from Garth Murray. Until now. Take note of what he looks like, then read on below.

Last night I noticed a pretty cool name in the scoring summary as I was looking for the pathetic Horcoff to put up some points for me in my hockey pool: Liam Reddox. As it happens, Dennis Kane of the eponymous blog had a bit about names today (he likes Bonk for himself, apparently) and so I submitted Reddox as the cooler name in the NHL.

I checked Liam's profile on Yahoo hockey to see if he could actually play anywhere near worth his name, and I found this.

Next time Garth Murray hires a lawyer and WRP expert to come up with a new identity, he would do well to pick someone who could come up with more realistic names than Liam Reddox. We know you're not in Phoenix...

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