Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Montreal v Tampa

Real Hockey Is Back

Real competitive hockey. How we missed thee, let me count the ways...

Here are 5 things we'll be glad to see on the ice again (and at home) tonight:

1) Backchecking
2) Saku Koivu and Andrei Kostitsyn
3) Carey Price's focus and concentration (we hope)
4) Points awarded
5) Cheering against Bruins, Leafs and Flyers

5 things I can admit I'll miss about all-star vs. regular season hockey:

1) Kovalev playing with an all-star left winger (sorry, rookie...)
2) Supporting Malkin and Ovechkin's team
3) Regular three-player passing plays
4) Lack of Red Wings
5) An alternative to Benoit Brunet when I tire

Finally, 5 things we hope will be packed up and stowed in a deep dark corner of the Bell Centre:

1) Boston rookies scoring at will on our goalie
2) Other rookies scoring at will on our goalie
3) Offensive pinches from stone hands Komisarek
4) Ovations for opposition players
5) Claude Julien behind our bench

Tampa tonight should be a real challenge. The all-star break is like a reset button for all teams in the league and Tampa might decide they are the Lightning again and not the "Dolts". Montreal players on the other hand have a huge task distinguishing holiday in Florida from near-holiday in Florida.

Good game.

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