Monday, January 19, 2009

Senators Humour

Maybe There's A Rivalry Here After All For The Habs

Tobalev astutely pointed out that games with Ottawa are tight matches no matter what now. No matter how good we appear to be, no matter how bad a slump we're in, no matter how much Ottawa is looking for that lottery place.

In the preview for the game, both Sens Chirp and I wondered out loud about the rivalry between these two teams. In the analysis, it seems there is one in its infancy, but by and large Montreal fans have never had a reason to bother with Ottawa (either far too good or far too poor). The time for rivalry looked ripe before the inexplicable implosion in our capital city. Since then, there's been little to despise.

But wait, I think I'm finding some reasons...

1) Senators fans like this guy:
That Olé chant is the homo anthem. Never heard anything so queer in my life.

Or this guy:
That ole ole ole stupid song is making me think Leafs fans are less annoying, and that's saying something.

Both posters on some Sens blogs after the game. Another guy who was at the game, who also detests our cheers, claimed he tried to drown out Ole Ole Ole with the ever-original and ubiquitous Go Sens Go.

This isn't the first wrath the Ole cheer has been showered with. Boston and Toronto fans also hate it, for it is so European. Oh please let us never need prompts from the scoreboards to cheer for our team like the Go ____ Go crew...

What's more, i don't think the Sens really hold the high ground when it comes to musically supporting their heroes. Both the theme tune (drum then trumpet, wait for it in the video) and Ray Emery's rap below are prime examples:

2) No Habs No!
Cleverly based on the only cheer they know, this Sens blogger has started a campaign to donate $1 to every player across the league who can score a GW goal against the Habs.

I'll be honest, I'm posting this bit because it is worth seeing. It is clever, funny and gives a good pretense to express hatred of another team. We'd be patting ourselves on the back too if we had come up with the Wicked Loser Bruins fund too.

It is so well established with a Facebook group, a section of the SensArmy blog, merchandise and coverage on one of the most popular hockey blogs around.

It's clear that hating this fan will be easier as he's already invested so much energy into the belligerence.

3) Car flags
They infected us. Somehow the Sens and their flag-waving fans infiltrated Montreal's best and brightest – now we have to look at flags everywhere, ugh...

I think it's safe to say there's a seed of something to go on here. Be sure the next time you see a Rev Up The Red flag or a No Habs No! T-shirt, to break into a hearty chorus of Ole Ole Ole, it's fun to watch them melt to the tune...

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