Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Very Interesting Post

JT at The H Does Not Stand For Habs had a bit of a coup with this piece.

It's the most interesting stuff I've read from Gainey in years. It's so interesting, I almost question whether the monosyllabic man actually said these things. Then, I know the charms of Newfoundland can bring the gift of the gab to even the quietest folk.

For me the most interesting bits were:

On trading Huet

-Gainey joked "Let's see...what did happen with that one?" Then he said he felt that Carey Price was ready to get some experience as the number one goalie, including playoffs. He knew Huet would not be re-signing in Montreal, and decided to make the trade to avoid losing Huet for nothing. He said there were two teams interested in Huet, but Gainey chose Washington because it was the team less likely to be a threat to the Canadiens after acquring Huet.

I can't argue with trading Huet to the least threatening team (the other must have been Ottawa). But I still don't buy the old party line. So no free pass for Gainey here. He did lose Huet for nothing. Or as you know a 2% chance of something in 6 years time.

On the prospects

-Gainey is happy with the number of players on the roster now that the team has drafted and developed, but he says we're looking at a vacuum for a couple of years before the next crop of players is ready.

No kidding. No Kostitsyns, no Plekanecs, no Prices. Time to make hay while the sun is shining boys...

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