Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why We Like The Blogosphere

Funny when you see it, but this article and linking blog remind me why I prefer the blogosphere:

Gazette article: Habs tickets sales go off without a hitch

Habs Inside/Out linker: Ticket sales go relatively well

I understand the pressures of advertising and sponsors and all the like – I deal with that in my real job. But, clearly the blog here gives the representative headline and the article in the Gazette is giving the company line. Interesting.

The tickets. To me, it sounds like a strange new system:

the system randomly places people waiting online in a purchase order...

A little bit inequitable, to be sure. Especially when you hear the inevitable complaints of the people there right from the start who got randomly shafted for hours of wait.

It's a two-sided coin isn't it? Sure I want them to do well, but I also long for the days when I used to basically walk up and get a seat on the night of.

There is definitely something to be said for putting in some standing room areas like at the Forum. Now that was fun times...

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