Monday, September 22, 2008

How Ridiculous Is Our Town?

The Canadiens played an intersquad scrimmage!

Check out the coverage, not of the stories about the upcoming season, but of the game itself...

Francois Gagnon
Marc de Foy
Mike Boone
Canadiens website

I could go on.

I know Toronto is nuts like us, but really? Somuch coverage of a Lehoux shootout goal on Loic Lacasse? A story about the second Latendresse scoring in a scrimmage when even Guillaume is on the bubble?

I bet we have seen more coverage of the Blanc vs. Rouge affair in Montreal than folks in Miami see for their Panthers over the entire month of December. I bet more people cared about the Olivier Latendresse goal than any Kings goal last March. It's madness. It's absolutely ridiculous isn't it? Ridiculous, but not too ridiculous. I mean, I'm happy to have the coverage. I'm happy to read and write about it. I relish our ridiculous fanaticism.

Even so, it's moments like these where lesser hockey fans say things like: "I can't wait for the real stuff to start..."

Exhibition season

Tonight exhibition play begins. It can be the second in our new amazing winning streak against the Boston Bruins.

at the very least, a game against competition should give some more indication of something, for us famished hyenas, I just can't promise what.

If the defence plays badly, what will it mean? If we allow 5 goals, does it matter? If we can't score on the PP, will there be cries for Streit? Probably not.

Of course, at the end of it all, some players will make the team and others cut. But it seems a lot is "poured in cement" as they say in Quebec. And, if things are set in stone (like say the Kovalev line from last year), then why on earth is that line not being used in exhibition? I'm not too worried, just wondering...

After a very long summer, then golf, then play-time, it's very exciting that things are starting to get a little bit less meaningless. Slowly.

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