Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Big News

This would be big news for the hockey fans of Montreal.

100 years after the inception of the NHA (now NHL), the Canadiens will play to the biggest indoor audience in hockey history. According to CKAC Sports, the Habs will play a game in front of 70,000-plus at Stade Olympique next December 4, 2009, exactly one-hundred years after the team was founded by J. Ambrose O'Brien as charter members of the National Hockey Association.

This is big news, as the Olympic Stdium will rock on this occasion. With the echos in there louder than any arena I've been to (We once made a pitcher throw 4 straight balls...), the opposing goalie won't stand a chance.

Nice, I think that the will honour the actual 100th birthday of the team name. Nice that they will be closer to the rink where they played their first game in January 1910.

The only question remaining is, what will they do when they sell out and win by the biggest margin in team history? Oh, and when and where will the snow fall through the roof?

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