Monday, September 29, 2008

Alex Charms The Pants Off Quebec

It won't be long now before Kovalev becomes firmly entrenched as Quebec's latest sweetheart.

Not only did he get a haircut for the big day, but Alex brought out all the charm for his appearance on the French language panel show Tout le Monde en Parle. Thanks to Fred at En Route Pour La Coupe! for alerting us to this.

If you have time and understand French, I recommend you watch the clips because they show a public relations coup for a Canadiens player the likes of which we haven't seen in decades. I mean, sure the Begins and the Quintals have visited talk shows before. but this is different, this is a bona fide superstar, a hockey player whose skills most of us can hardly fathom, and he's taking the time to have a chat, joke around, come into our living rooms as himself.

If Saku were interested at all in sweetening his reception (and from all evidence, i suspect he isn't), this is the blueprint for him to follow. Alex had the audience, the panel and the host eating from his hand. He joked about hi French, he joked about their Russian and they joked in English. It was a veritable love in.

Coming into the season, this is currency for Alex to spend. In a way, it should also take some more heat off poor Saku, who clearly is just a shy person (he hasn't been doing loads of TV shows in either language), not someone who is shunning the French media. Now they can have their darling and leave the rest to their hockey.

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