Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Review And Preview: A Look At Current And Potential Future Habs

With the season long gone, and the next season way way off, we're in limbo here as hockey bloggers.

Tobalev and I, however, wanted to do a proper and comprehensive wrap-up of the season and a short primer to the upcoming NHL entry draft.

Season review
Tobalev and I have been putting together an individual review for each and every player who stepped on the ice for the Canadiens over 2007-08. More than just stats, we'll try to look at where the player started the season, how it went (from our point of view) and where we think that player should end up in the Canadiens scheme.

In addition, we'll try to provide lots of interesting links from over the season and from other websites and blogs to provide (hopefully) the most comprehensive look at each player you can find. Even if we don't quite match the hyperbole that's been written on Carey Price or Alex Kovalev across the web, I promise we'll be the spot to read up on Corey Locke, Jaroslav Halak and other important Habs.

I'll try to post at least one review a day from now until we run out of players – with the only thing standing in the way nice weather and beer. We hope you enjoy them.

Draft preview
Over the past few days, I ahve been trying to get a better grasp on the guys we could see suiting up for the Canadiens on that stage in Ottawa this weekend.

I will steer well clear of revisiting every draft from the past 15 years, as the Gazette seem to have made that their niche for the past 14 years. Instead, I hope to call aattention to some players I like from the lists based on stats and reports (and a whole lot of intuition).

If you're still reading this blog in June, let me tell you my friend, you are a crazed Canadiens junkie. I know what it's like (hey, I'm still writing aren't I), so I'll try to fulfill the need for Habs coverage and talk where I can. if you want to feed in too, with suggestions for pieces or just comments to get a discussion going, then don't be afraid. After all, everyone here now is as hooked on this team as we are.

Cheers. Go Romania.

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