Friday, June 20, 2008

Enter Wing Left: Alex Tanguay

Gainey turned Huet into a player after all (essentially).

The Habs package their own second round pick from 2009 (keeping Washington's). We did also cough up the first rounder this year.

But Alex Tanguay!

I'll surely write more after my weekend holiday. But suffice it to say at this point that one LIW blogger is very excited.

We have a Cup winning, young, 20-goal scoring, LW star from the province of Quebec.

He's paid a bit much, but it's only a year on his current deal. He plays well for contracts too (see 2006), so even if we only get a year out of Alex, it should be good. Although, if he plays well, there'll be no trading our new French Canadian poster boy.

Downsides? Not shipping Brisebois in the deal somehow... Not many for now. I think he fits.

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