Friday, June 20, 2008

Underestimated And Underappreciated

Poor Mark Streit.

He plays in Switzerland – not good enough for the NHL.

He plays on the fourth line – not good enough for the NHL.

He scores 62 points – not good enough to keep around the Habs.

But then the punch in the teeth: he helps the Habs to the best PP and the highest goals scored totals in the league – he's compared to One-dimension Souray (by Mike Boone):
"If Canadiens adjusted to the loss of Sheldon Souray, they'll figure out how to get by without Mark Streit."

In my opinion, Boone's assertion is very naive. Souray's skill was shooting. Streit's is receiving a pass and distributing it. When you consider that PP success is dictated by time in the opposition's zone, not the number of individual PPs, you can see how shooting with a 10-15% chance of scoring, is a less valuable skill on the PP than control.

I suppose we'll have to lose Streit for some people to finally understand just what he was worth.

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