Thursday, June 19, 2008

Habs Review 2007-08:

Garth Murray

(From least to most valuable 2007-08 Hab, to start: Garth Murray)

The numbers

1 GP: 0 G, 0 A, 0 Pts, 0 PIM, E, 0 Shots

Career best year - 2005-06

36 GP: 5 G, 1 A, 6 Pts, 44 PIM, -2, 25 Shots

Plays of the game: 0

Game pucks: 0

Domes: 0

3 Star selections: 0

The story

Where he started the season
Surprisingly to me Garth made the team out of training camp beating out the likes of Lapierre, Sergei Kostitsyn and Locke. His role was obvious - he was to be our 13th forward and would be our muscle if we actually needed any. He had served the Habs well over the previous 2 seasons so I saw this more as a debt of gratitude to Garth rather than him forcing his way onto the team.

The season
He suited up for one game (possibly to be put on display?) against Florida, the team he would join just a few short days later via waivers. It was obvious to all those watching that night (and apparently to management too) that Murray had no place on our team and that he was a player that did not in any way represent the direction the franchise was taking. His departure led to Lapierre's recall, and I think that from then on we were a better team.

Murray by the numbers:

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Grade: F
All I can say is that the Habs must be improving. In the two previous seasons, Garth had been a regular and, in my opinion, played way too much. This season, by no fault of his own, he was simply not good enough. The team is getting better, which means there will be less and less space for AHL journeymen like Murray.

Where we'd have him next season
Garth is no longer with the Canadiens organization having been claimed by the Panthers off waivers in the fall. It is likely that his NHL adventure is over as he has very little to offer at this level. Garth's style of play is quickly becoming a thing of the past as top teams have no problem suiting up 12 forwards that can score.

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