Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Concept for Montreal Media: Rolling Squad

The questions the Montreal media put to Guy Carbonneau and Steve Begin this morning about Begin's omission from the lineup were baffling, surprising and really quite comical.

What message do you think the coach is trying to send?

Is there anything in your game that you have or haven't been doing...?

Has he given you any hint that he wasn't happy?

What kind of message...?

Didn't we all know the answer before???

We've only been writing about our new-found depth for 8 solid weeks. Why get Begin all worked up, when this decision was about rewarding Murray and Grabovski for working hard in practice. Someone had to step down, and this time it was Begin. Being a fourth (sometimes third) line player we should all expect this and so should Steve.

Here's the questions I would put to Begin:

Steve, how do you like playing on a team with all this new depth, no that it means you have to take your turn sitting out?

Steve, have you told Garth he'd better watch you next practice, where you'll show him how hard work is really done?

Steve, how are veterans like yourself trying to help the team even from the sidelines?

The rolling squad may be a novel concept in Montreal hockey (as Carbonneau alluded to midway through his interview), but it's something that happens in other sports all the time. Just ask George Gillett - his England national team striker in Liverpool can barely get a look in...

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