Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heads up move – Joel Bouchard

The Journal de Montreal is reporting that Joel Bouchard has signed a 25-game contract with the Hamilton Bulldogs.

A once-capable 8th defenseman, Bouchard won't likely see the light of day with the Habs. However, his history as a person, if not necessarily as a hockey player, paints him in a very nice light:

You have:

- a history of playing as many games as his team need
- perserverance of coming back from failed opportunities and injuries
- charity work, including a series of charity games organised by him during the lockout
- his work on a TV show for children

Though, he played only 4 games in the AHL last year and 25 games for the Islanders the year before, his qualities make him a good pick-up for a fill-in in Hamilton. The AHL defensemen will be able to learn from his experience, even if he doesn't play much.

All in all a heads up move by BriseBois in his first season down there.

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