Saturday, October 27, 2007

Accolades to Alex

Well Alex Kovalev is probably just enjoying the final minutes of his 1000th recovery day in the NHL. Albeit, he had to spend it plotting how he would trample the team he found his greatest successes with, but even so.

I wanted to pay a short tribute to Alex's achievements last night. First of all, the 1000 games is a great achievement in a league like the NHL, and should be respected. Secondly, 800 points is nothing to laugh at either, nor is 0.8 points per game over a career for that matter - a pace that he has managed to keep up since arriving in Montreal, believe it or not.

While many have maligned the big Russian in the past 12 months, I know he still has many fans. We on Lions in Winter generally hold him in very high regard, and have actually been keeping an eye on him this year to make sure he's doing alright and no one can forget his impact on games throughout the year.

I thought on the occasion of his 1000th recovery day, I would re-post something that not many people will have read (apart from maybe Tobalev) as it was a very early post. Consider it a tribute to Alex and an explanation as to why I think we should all give him this kind of respect on a more regular basis:

So congratulations Alex. I hope you do make it to 2000 games, and I look forward to your comments about reaching that milestone.

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