Monday, October 15, 2007

Remember when you used to like reading Jack Todd?

I used to like our unwavering, Expos-boosting, drug abuse-hating reporter as much as anyone in the other sections of the Gazette. But today, he's gone all soft:

In an article entitled: Brisebois deserving of fans' adulation, Todd suggests:

We admire Brisebois for putting his head back in the cannon's mouth, we admire him for trying to play through all the injuries he's had, we admire him for taking a relative pittance by NHL standards to return to the Habs.

I've already answered all of these points with regard to the player who should have retired if he loved the Habs so much.

There was also Jack Todd's take on Marion Jones. While admitting her whole career was a lie was no doubt difficult, why should she be let off so easy when in the process she denied other US athletes a career (Olympic places) over that time, stole gold medals from other athletes (bronze from 4th place finishers), dragged the sport of Track and Field through the dirt, brought the legitimacy of all Olympic medalists into question, and lied on record about it for years.

I'm saving the article to send to him so we can laugh about his flights of fancy come January...

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