Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ottawa-Montreal Game #4:

Possession Statistics

Here they are, the possession stats for last night's debacle. All the goals happened at ES, so this pretty much tells the whole story.

Canadiens Possession Boxscore

    • What I saw was the Canadiens taking great pains to limit the quality of opportunities against, eve if they did end up being "dangerous" shots from within the home plate
    • This is not well reflected in this table (one of the limits of not infusing some human interpretation
    • With a few exceptions, the Canadiens did an above average job on D, even by these standards
    • The Habs offense looks poor, but they backed off because of their history in the series: 2 goals on Anderson and these Sens is a pretty good result
    • Galchenyuk is a standout again, fuelled by offense. I don't care how many defensive assignments he misses -- find a way to use this
    • Markov may have played his stringest game, now he needs to get in on some Gonchar like points (i.e., plays to the net that luck into goals)
    • The Plekanec, line suffers from not taking enough shots, but Pacioretty suffers from taking too many ill-advised ones
    • Halpern looks like a dog by this. He wasn't
    • Armstrong too, he may have been


    Senators Possession Boxscore

    • This table includes kicked shots
    • It's a shame that someone as innocuous as Turris could figure so prominently in the result
    • Conacher should have been on the bench, not scoring on Price
    • I think this table understates Alfredsson's worth
    • The Canadiens began to get to the top two D pairings, note Plekanec burning Karlsson for goal 1


    Danger +/-: Dangerous shots (aka scoring chances or shots from within the homeplate) against subtracted from dangerous shots for when a given player is on the ice. See this as the balance of dangerous play when said player was on the ice, which is exactly what Danger +/- sounds like it should be.

    Corsi: This is shots + missed shots + shots blocked against subtracted from the same stats for when a given player is on the ice. It is the standard for possession statistics.

    LIW O: A weighted approach to attempts for when a given player is on the ice. Different weights are given to goals, dangerous shots, other shots (not dangerous), missed shots and blocked shots. The sum is indexed to league averages at even strength with 0.00 as the average. A score above 0.00 is an above average offensive contribution. A score below is below average.

    LIW D: The same as LIW D, but for attempts against when a given player is on the ice.

    LIW Score: LIW O + LIW D. This combined scored gives us an idea whether the player in question performed above or below the average NHL level.

    Dome: A Y indicates the player was a dome selection

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