Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ottawa-Montreal Game #3:

Possession Statistics

Apologies for the delay on this one. Had some responsibilities.

Have a look at this though, it's amusing, you'd never know it was from that one-sided disaster we just saw. Goes once again to show that these stats must always be used with other measures to provide proper context and balance. 

Canadiens Possession Boxscore

    • If I was able to grade these shots by something other than the home plate, the Habs would all be in the red here. There were in reality very few good scoring chances for  this team.
    • Keep in mind a player can have a positive defensive game by these stats even if he is on for several goals against
    • These stats do not flatter the man not charted (aka goalie)
    • Look at Gallagher's offensive contribution. This is what we see. He is dangerous and yet dangerously underused. Therrien do something to remedy please.
    • Plekanec, Pacioretty and Desharnais need to get out of the offensive red, otherwise the only red they'll see will be the sunburns they pick up in the May sun.
    • Moen.


    Senators Possession Boxscore

    • The Sens suffer from a depth problem on D (see Wiercioch, Gryba returning?). Habs must do best to impose themselves when these guys see the ice.
    • It's criminal that a team where Alfredsson and Michalek are probably the only players who have ever scored over 40 points in a season, were less than their best offensively and still on a team with 6 goals for.
    • PP numbers aren't included here, that's 3 goals for


    Danger +/-: Dangerous shots (aka scoring chances or shots from within the homeplate) against subtracted from dangerous shots for when a given player is on the ice. See this as the balance of dangerous play when said player was on the ice, which is exactly what Danger +/- sounds like it should be.

    Corsi: This is shots + missed shots + shots blocked against subtracted from the same stats for when a given player is on the ice. It is the standard for possession statistics.

    LIW O: A weighted approach to attempts for when a given player is on the ice. Different weights are given to goals, dangerous shots, other shots (not dangerous), missed shots and blocked shots. The sum is indexed to league averages at even strength with 0.00 as the average. A score above 0.00 is an above average offensive contribution. A score below is below average.

    LIW D: The same as LIW D, but for attempts against when a given player is on the ice.

    LIW Score: LIW O + LIW D. This combined scored gives us an idea whether the player in question performed above or below the average NHL level.

    Dome: A Y indicates the player was a dome selection

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