Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ottawa-Montreal Game #2:

Possession Statistics

Possession stats for the big win.

Canadiens Possession Boxscore

    • Nice to see all the above average blue return to the defensive column. This will be a requisite for success in the upcoming days and weeks
    • Only the 3rd line really stirred anything offensively at ES (apart form the goals of course). This is fine, but multiple threats like they've done all season would be better
    • Gorges turned his ES numbers around. Good to see also, we were worried...
    • Dumont tries very hard, but is not up to snuff. Time for another candidate?

    Senators Possession Boxscore

    • The Habs managed to keep the big guys down in this one.
    • Neil is still a looming threat, best not forget
    • The Ottawa coach has as many questions about his approach as Therrien did after Game 1, does he have other options though?


    Danger +/-: Dangerous shots (aka scoring chances or shots from within the homeplate) against subtracted from dangerous shots for when a given player is on the ice. See this as the balance of dangerous play when said player was on the ice, which is exactly what Danger +/- sounds like it should be.

    Corsi: This is shots + missed shots + shots blocked against subtracted from the same stats for when a given player is on the ice. It is the standard for possession statistics.

    LIW O: A weighted approach to attempts for when a given player is on the ice. Different weights are given to goals, dangerous shots, other shots (not dangerous), missed shots and blocked shots. The sum is indexed to league averages at even strength with 0.00 as the average. A score above 0.00 is an above average offensive contribution. A score below is below average.

    LIW D: The same as LIW D, but for attempts against when a given player is on the ice.

    LIW Score: LIW O + LIW D. This combined scored gives us an idea whether the player in question performed above or below the average NHL level.

    Dome: A Y indicates the player was a dome selection

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