Sunday, September 25, 2011


Time Running Down

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A poor result with a poor finish. At least they started brightly and got their first lead of the season. Exhibition results are nothing to lose sleep over, especially with the AHLers playing big minutes here. But let's hope some vets turn up to the dance before October.

The positives in this game were less sensational (no pun intended). There was no showcase from Beaulieu this time around and Gallagher was giving a rest from entertaining us all. Cammalleri's goals were a good sign because he had a lot to do to make them. It would be something for the Habs if he started the season on fire.

The battles for spots drag on, however. Some have been won on past merit and decent outings (Budaj, Desharnais, Emelin), while others look to be going the same way (White, Diaz). The big spots still in play are the 8th defender and the 13th forward. Let's not forget, however that last year the Canadiens didn't carry a roster of 23 for long stretches and may do so again, so the lacklustre challenges to management may just end in that.




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