Saturday, September 24, 2011


Chellengers Idling Their Way to Spots

Power Rankings I
Power Rankings II

Last night the Habs pipped the Sens in a shootout (with an illegal player shooting? maybe?). Anyway, the result wasn't all that important, certainly the shootout outcome of it.

Once again it was those who didn't need to prove anything who did. vets and juniors were the ones who mostly caught the eye. If Gallagher were a tall first rounder who couldn't go to WJC, I think he'd have played his way onto the Habs by now. But those factors are still in play for him.

The other guys, the ones who would appear to have more to gain, more to lose, mostly seem to be in some sort of deep sleep (or anxious paralysis). Blunden got another chance to outshine those who have not shone so brightly and largely didn't. Trotter had a case to make and doesn't even seem halfway to making it yet. Others fared similarly. Here is the movement as I see it.




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