Thursday, January 06, 2011

NHL Goes All FIFA On Florida

Last night, the Florida Panthers scored a goal to tie the game late in the third period. The replay showed the goal was in. The most entertaining bit being that the puck was lodged in the net, so the evidence was not fleeting, but lasting for the refs to see.

The pig-headed team of four (still 4 to deliver this standard? Really?) ignored the protests of the adamant Panthers, took the puck retrieved from the net by Pavelec and started play without calling TO. I can forgive the refs for a lot in a fast moving game, but refusing to check the validity of goals is not one of those things.

Disallowed goals are fun to rewatch. So to mark the occasion, here are a few big ones:

Last night:

Calgary for the Cup?

Calgary's goal not in?

FIFA's big miss:

The good news for the Habs is that this wasn't a three-point game. In all likelihood both Atlanta and Florida will be figuring in where the Canadiens place this season.

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