Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Canadien

Wow, I don't think anyone could have anticipated anything quite as awful as this: The Canadien. At least he looks like Cobra Commander.

I know you readers have more in you. I got you started and some have joined in. The comments start here, but add them to this post if you like.

Here's some starting points:

The Canadien
Fleet-footed protector of the city of Montreal. He uses his knowledge of languages to mock the other Guardians when they are not looking. Can't hear their mocking back, rings in ears.

The Habitant

Moustachioed protector of Ville Marie. Uses his gaudy rings and numerous banners to blind and smother other Guardians as he protects the Stanley Cup.

The Selke
Sends powerful snubs to his arch-enemies in Toronto with his control over all hockey talent in the world.

The Tremblay
Shift-changing form who can change from plucky forward, to offensive defenceman to incompetent coach at a moment's notice. Other Guardians can't track him down, even though he's listed in the Montreal phonebook.

This is your chance to outdo the great Stan Lee (or at least the marketing department of the NHL) on a rare occasion in character creation. The bar is low, so don't hold back.

On a side note, now I can't wait to see how inane the next 15 can be. The Maple Leaf should be truly awful, goodness knows what the Senator's power will be - holding up legislation?

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