Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Will Montreal's Guardian Be?

Back in the fall, the NHL announced that Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman, had teamed up with them (paid too much to refuse teaming up) to create 30 new superheroes called the Guardians (nothing to do with the Guardian newspaper).

On January 1st, the NHL and The Guardian project began revealing the Guardians one at a time from the cities around the league.

This got me thinking, what will the Habs Guardian look like. What will his name be? What will his special powers be? It's worth examining...

From 14 examples, I think we can start to extract some ground rules here:

1) The name of the guardian can be as creative as you want, provided you only use the team name with or without the "s"

2) This will be true no matter how inapplicable the name is for a superhero (see Wild, the)

3) The guardian will be wearing, or have made into a tunic, the team's uniform.

4) The guardian's powers will be drawn from a combination of animal traits or local economic/cultural activities

5) This is unless nothing happens where the team is located, so the Guardian does something to do with weather

With these rules in mind, I thought the creative readers of this blog could come up with a range of Guardians to put the eventual CANADIEN to shame.

Here are a few to get you started on the format:

The Canadien
Fleet-footed protector of the city of Montreal. He uses his knowledge of languages to mock the other Guardians when they are not looking. Can't hear their mocking back, rings in ears.

The Habitant
Moustachioed protector of Ville Marie. Uses his gaudy rings and numerous banners to blind and smother other Guardians as he protects the Stanley Cup.

The Selke
Sends powerful snubs to his arch-enemies in Toronto with his control over all hockey talent in the world.

The Tremblay
Shift-changing form who can change from plucky forward, to offensive defenceman to incompetent coach at a moment's notice. Other Guardians can't track him down, even though he's listed in the Montreal phonebook.

Do your worst...

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