Monday, November 08, 2010

Dustin Boyd Demoted

The news out of Montreal today is that Corsi's nightmare, Dustin Boyd has been put on the track for relgation to Hamilton.

Of course, he has to clear waivers to do it, so most outlets have taken the chance to headline this move with "Boyd placed on waivers" sometimes to stir up a Kostitsyn for nothing discussion. The reality he has to clear waivers to be sent down. This headline doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as it did pre-lockout.

I think we all thought that getting Dustin Boyd was a good idea in the summer. Team Canada junior, learned other defensive systems, plays a simple game, meant to be physical. I think we all thought it was an even better idea after a single game when he left the ice on pace for 82 goals.

So 8 games of play later have we overturned our verdicts?

I can only speak for myself when I say. Not really, and I don't really know.

Dustin has been an OK addition to what has at times been a good team. I never thought he stood out as exemplary, nor did I ever expect he would. He pretty much fulfilled my expectation. His demotion can probably be viewed trough the classic Darchian lens where not all player moves are entirely to do with the player in question. In this case, the Montreal Canadiens can't score, Boyd probably never would have anyway, so in order to promote someone who might, they need to demote someone.

Promotion coming?

There's no word yet, but putting a player through waivers to save his salary would be a bit miserly from the Molsons. I think we all think this is the smoke before the promotion fire.

Here's the Hamilton scoring list for consideration.

Like for like enthusiasts have put their money behind Ryan White, whom I like. Wishful thinkers look to Desharnais. And those who remember Martin's fixations of September suggest Palushaj. Apart from not doing anything, which i still think is possible, i would only add that the possibility still remains of promoting another defender. Yannick Weber is NHL tested and AHL heated.

What do you all think will be the associated promotion if any?
(See poll adjacent)

Not entirely related (paraphrased, out of the context of the thread, that's a warning for you PF), but I found this quote from a fan funny:
"So long Justin, nice to have known you."
I think that pretty much sums up the impression he has made on a lot of fans.

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