Monday, November 29, 2010

Lions in Winter to Test MLX Skates

A couple of weeks ago MLX Skates contacted Lions in Winter about the possibility of testing their skates and getting their word out. MLX, or Mario LemieuX, Skates is a company that is looking to get the most out of the player by giving one the ability to customize their skates in a revolutionary way. It is all based on Speed-Skating technology as they have been developed by David Cruikshank, a four-time US Long-Track Speed-Skating Olympian. David thought that there were so many ways in which to improve a hockey skate, ways to get players peforming at a higher level. Custom moulding and adjustable blade angles are the aspects which I most look forward to trying as skates like that are clearly at the cutting edge.

Check-out their skates at by following this link: SKATES

This seemed like a unique opportunity for Lions in Winter and, as there is really no risk for us (free skates, free shipping), we thought that we would give it a try. The nature of the skates and their customizable features is such that they are really only good for one person. So, with a bit of luck, and generosity, Topham asked that I be the one to test and review the skates. Players like Alfredsson, Gonchar and Byfuglien are on them now; soon Tobalev will be joining the ranks.

Now, Tobalev wasn’t always Tobalev. In the early days I may have been called the Toadster (I was very slow), Straightline (for my inability to neither turn nor stop), or Crapeau (named after a player who’s name seemed to suit me more). I like to think, however, that that has changed and I think skates may indeed have something to do with it all. It started with Cheese-Cutters in the early days, but then it was soon onto my very own pair of skates. Bought at one of those second-hand everything stores these metal-chassis Daoust’s looked like hockey skates, but didn’t feel that great at all. Eventually, when I really started playing it was onto a series of Bauer skates; at first second-hand, later onto my own new pairs. The next pair, my first in adult sizes, was a pair of CCM Tacks which were previously owned by one-time NHL player, Jason Doig. Eventually, and for quite some time now, it was onto a pair of CCM 652 Tacks which I have grown to love over the years. I knew that the day that I would require a new pair would one day come, but never thought that it would be with something quite as interesting as the MLX skate.

First up will be some games, but I do hope to get them onto the outdoor rink and even down to the Rideau Canal to test them more in different conditions. I won’t give MLX a free ride just because of their generosity and will try to give an honest and worthwhile assessment of their skates. I will approach this in the same way in which I look at every Habs game – I won’t jump to any conclusions, I will be fair and I will attempt to look at these skates, and their performance, from every possible angle. Check back soon to see what I think, check out their skates at ( now if you're interested in learning more.

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