Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Probably Asking Too Much...

It's probably asking too much of a Phildelphia Flyer to take reflection before he speaks, or heaven forbid before he hits. But that is probably just what Mike Richards needs to do in the future.

By now, you've all read what Richards said about PK Subban. Basically a rant against rookie respect, etc. etc. Tobalev addressed this with succinct and prescient truth in the post-game report, so I won't get too much into where we stand on the actions of rookies again.

Instead, I just want to talk about reflection.

Mike Richards, we all know is not the man to be making judgments on the largesse of 21 year-olds. By the age of 21, he was already putting NHL veterans in hospital.

And that's very relevant to my point. Pots that don't know their colour shouldn't necessarily be too quick to come down on kettles.

Just in blogging, I can tell you there are many finished and unfinished posts that never get published because of reflection. Before posting, I try to honestly answer a few questions after a re-read of my position. If an attack on the media sounds on second read like it could be an attack on myself, i usually restrain myself from sharing the half-baked thoughts. I held one back about something, just today.

There are two things at issue here. The first is that obviously made himself look a foolish hypocrite. That's fine. But the other more important issue is that Mike Richards seems to honestly think that he cares about respect in the league. All I would ask is that upon a little reflection, maybe before the next career he effectively ends, that he think about what that means and whether he himself is living up to the "lofty" standard he pretends to.

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