Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rewind To 23 Cups:

Blogger Finds OT Too Random

After much study, "Behind The Flames" blogger and fan of the downtrodden has decided that overtime cannot be counted upon to determine the result of games.

In an analysis began with the de novo hypothesis: The Leafs can't be worse than the Canadiens, he managed to get to the bottom of all the problems with the league scoring system and put the Habs right back where they deserve to be.

(As of Monday, December 21)


Tampa Bay35914123-90.426-140.424

As you can see his analysis cunningly removes all wins, losses and goals scored in OT. Since he doesn't like overtime anymore than he likes the shootout, he groups all extra time results in the same way, regardless of whether the winning goal happened in open play or on the shootout.

Montreal has been the lucky recipient of 5 more wins than losses, which is 4 more than expected based on their real-time results (where nothing strange ever happens like it does in overtime). Toronto on the other hand has been so unfortunate as to lose 7 of their 8 games, which is a travesty based on the outstanding regulation play record.

Work extended into the past

His worked has inspired one of his followers to extend this excellent work well into the past. Leaf Ericson has also seen the light regarding the unfairness of overtime and has used the bulk of his internet-based research to submit a petition to the league to set the records straight.

Of particular interest to Canadiens fans is his impending civil suit to have the Hockey Hall of Fame recognise the true Stanley Cup final of 1993.

Those who wrongly uphold OT results as real wins will probably remember something about a Canadiens Cup win in 1993. But, in the new, more sanitary NHL, without Bettman scoring, that final could and would have never happened.

You see, the Canadiens in those playoffs only actually won 6 regulation games in those playoffs, with 3 regulation losses, in 20 games. Anyone with half a brain will know that means paltry 0.575 hockey.

The actual playoff winners, the LA Kings played to a stunning 11 regulation wins, with 7 losses, in 24 games, which of course is 0.583 hockey.

Strangely, he also includes a Leafs Cup – the Leafs put up more points than the Canadiens 23 points with 24 of their own – as part of the thesis (something about a high stick that happened before their goalie let in a goal and then lost another game). But as there is nothing but purity of a statistical heart behind the findings, we'll take his word for it.

Final sage words

In closing, Behind the Flames commented on the solid work of Leaf Ericson with reference his smashing success at proving the hypothesis he so wanted to prove.

"One thing is clear", he states, "the Maple Leafs are and always have been better than the Canadiens. No fluke results, or overtime scoring should ever distort that fact."

Amazing what you can prove with some determination.

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