Monday, February 16, 2009

Huet for Schneider

Oh, And That Year In Between...

Don't hope for Patrick Roy to coach this team now: Mathieu Schneider is back.

Schneider left in one of my favourite trades in Canadiens history (getting Turgeon was very exciting at that time); but he was still missed. He was defenceman 1a or 1b, depending on who you talk to, in 1993. This should finally put to rest any idea that a certain other veteran of that year should be some kind of torch bearer.

I approve of this trade today, but it is only reparations really, isn't it. We could have signed Schneider in the summer. We could have traded Huet for a defenceman in the first place.

Alas, it is today. And we are where we are, so we must look forward. This move should help an immense amount. Not because Schneider will step in at number 1 or even number 2; but because Mathieu Schneider is an immense improvement over 6th on our list, a good improvement over 5th and a decent step up on 4th. This is both offensively and defensively of course.

His stepping in should bump others into loads they can manage. Gorges can go back to D and PK. Hamrlik can work with a better partner. Bouillon won't have to approach 20 minutes of ice time.

Mathieu is now the second highest paid player on the Canadiens – so I can get off George Gillett's case for letting his Liverpool loans strap the Habs for cash.

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