Monday, February 09, 2009


This Is Your Chance


You didn't think you'd ever get a chance. You got one. You didn't think you'd get another. You got one.

This is your third chance. You can make it count. People are waiting to see a young goalie who can offer something more than a junior MVP trophy and a line in the CV saying drafted 4 places after Sidney Crosby. People are waiting to see a goalie who can make saves. Glove saves even.

The path is well trodden by Canadiens goaltenders. Theodore walked here, Huet did, even your buddy Carey did it.

You must force the hand. Start by grinding out the win. Throw in a few saves to save Bouillon, Komisarek and O'Byrne their customary blushes. Later, rinse, repeat.

The deck is stacked for you this time Jaroslav. There'll be no more inexplicable replacements for the final clinching game, or stubborn coaches sticking with the anointed one now. The faith is yours to take, the mantle to follow.

Can you handle it? Show us...

[Sorry for writing to the player. I know it's clumsy. In my head, he'll read it...]

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