Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Coaches

Before Your Nostalgia Dose Tonight On RDS

Playing Pittsburgh tonight and the commentators have plenty to talk about. But I have a sneaking feeling that the little topic of good friend ("Adams calibre") coach Michel Therrien is going to make an appearance.

Say what you want about Carbonneau, he's so much better than Therrien it's not even funny. Though I think Gainey did the right thing in keeping the coach through the stormy seas; I think Shero did the right thing too - jettisoning the one-minded temper tantrum waiting to happen.

In honour of the day, i thought I'd resurrect this piece from 13 months ago. It still reads OK, I think: Therrific Or Therrible?

The difference between Carbonneau and Therrien (apart from that Stanley Cup final business, is this is the third time Pittsburgh has had a massive slump coming off Xmas in as many years. IN Montreal, they talk about losing a dressing room after 3 losses. imagine 3 seasons of bitterness?

The other reason i think Therrien had to go on this particular team is that he was not able to maximise the use of two of the three best offensive players in the league. He never figured it.

When you have Crosby and Malkin, you don't turn to the trusty old trap - you invent a new system. Unwillingness to do as much is grounds for dismissal.

Finally, Dan Bylsma. No judgment on him yet. It seems like he was a good AHL coach with what we know is a horrible group of prospects for the Pens beyond the big 2. I am happy that he's in the NHL though, as it is a constant reminder of the guy who used to yell "Bylsma" as a response to the other's "Kariya" when playing street hockey. I guess it was heady days for Anaheim??

Good game. GHG.

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