Friday, October 31, 2008

On Scoresheets

Trying To Find Time Of Event Ain't Easy

Remember Lang's breakaway?

I was a bit confused as to how Robert Lang was the one to eventually exit the penalty box when the three Habs were in there for a minute or so. I know the RDS guys were confused for a second too, but I think they had an explanation.

So today, I wanted to check what happened. No luck.

Although, the NHL GameCenter scorekeepers often keep a 5 secondly account of goings on in a game, there is a 1:40 black hole when Lang and/or Higgins should have been exiting the box. The omission is curious, considering a breakaway is quite a noteworthy occurrence.

So I tried a trusted source, but there I am told that Josh Gorges had a scoring opportunity 9 seconds after Chris Higgins penalty should have expired. But then, they also have the Habs playing with 3 skaters for far longer than they did and then suddenly becoming 5 when Hamrlik returns. So they make errors...

I think the explanation must be innocent enough, the scorers saw 26 instead of 20 and delayed a little on entering the data (Lang may be slow, but 9 seconds from centre to goal is excessively so, Latendresse 07 slow).

Does anyone know what happened? It's nagging me now. Did Lang come out when his penalty ended or Higgins'? This is one of those rules only the refs need to know, not us casual fans...

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